What is the recommended age access for this chat network?IGENETIX strongly believes that persons under 16 should not be given access to a webcam network communication environment. IGENETIX will not provide service to those individuals indicating in their profile that they are under the age of 16. Parents may also prevent a computer's access to the chat network by using our Parental Control Feature. IGENETIX reserves the right to restrict services provided based on your age.


Is nudity allowed on the network? No. Nudity is not allowed. This chat is for general audience. Violators will be removed from the network. In some cases local authorities may be informed of inappropriate indecent exposure in a public place.


Do I have to pay to use this chat network? No. This network is free. There are opportunities on the chat network for guests and registered members to use the service without a commitment to pay using credits. However, there are options and features that may require the payment of credits. Credits may be earned on the network through various promotions and friend referrals.


What is a distributed network? A distributed chat network allows people to enter other chat rooms located on other websites by merely entering through the room list. This is accomplished by providing each registered member various grab links which allows the service to be placed on other websites. All chat rooms are linked and accessible through a centralized network room list. Therefore, although each chat room is its own service entity it is a part of the network as a whole.


Why do I have three different links for my rooms? You are given three different links to create rooms on the network. Each link will create a different and separate room. Enter each room through the link and choose "Create/Modify" to manage the room.



What are credits used for on the chat network? Credits allow you to purchase the use of special features and options. Credits may be earned on the network by referring friends. Credits may also be transferred from one member's account to another friend's account through the use of the STAR function.


How do I transfer credits to my friend's account? You may transfer credits to another registered member's account by using the STAR feature. In order for a friend to receive STARS they must be registered. To send a STAR click the friend's name in the name list to prompt their webcam stream box. Select the STAR and choose up to a maximum of 10 STARS per transfer. Each STAR you transfer to your friend will transfer one credit from your account to their account.


How do I place someone on ignore and what does it do? You may either click the person's name in text chat or click their name in the userlist. From the resulting selection options please choose ignore. The person will now be removed from your chat environment. They will not be able to view your webcam or view your text. Also, you will not be able to view their webcam or text. If everyone in a room decides to ignore someone the unwanted person would essentially be removed from all room activity. This is a form of social moderation meant to give people the collective power to have influence over their chat environment and experience.


When I host a room what host tools do I have to control my room guests? When you host a room that is no listed on the rooms list or is in private mode you will have access to ability to block a person's text and video. As a room host you also have the ability to create a chat room that requires people to request webcam broadcast and preview by room host before it may been seen by all room participants. If you create a room that is listed in the room list and it is a public room you will not have moderator type tools.


I do not understand my credit usage on the chat. Where is my credit history report?Please go to your chat account located in the upper left of the chat after you have logged in. You will see your credit history option which will detail all your past credit use on the chat network. If you have any unanswered questions please feel free to contact our Support Team.


How long does the upgraded status purchase last? Upgraded status will last 30 days from the time of purchase. Your upgraded status will not be renewed automatically. There is only a 30 day purchase option for upgraded status.


Why does my room not appear in the Room List? IGENETIX reserves the right to manage the room list and choose to display or not display room(s) at any given time. In some cases your room title or address may not be approved for the list. IGENETIX may also manage the rooms list in an attempt to manually assist with network distribution on the service. Please contact our Support Team if you have a question or concern.


What is the name of the company that operates this chat network?IGENETIX CORPORATION of CANADA is the company that owns and operates this chat network. It is a privately held company incorporated in Canada since May 6, 2003.


I keep getting disconnected from the chat. Why? This service requires many internet hops from your IP to our network. Communications that are sent from our network experience many hops to get to your computer. If, for what ever reason, there is a delay or bad hop you may lose connection with our network. While we attempt to "keep alive" a connection it is sometimes impossible to achieve. Please note that in some cases the issue may result from an ISP provider monitoring activity on your access in such a manner they will drop a connection if they find a constant connection and data stream over a period of time. This action may assist ISP providers in preventing excessive file sharing and servers being setups on personal accounts. If you have an ongoing issue please contact our Support Team for a review.


How do I know who in chat is employed by the chat network? Never give out information about yourself or account to anyone on the chat network. Please note that chat network moderators are volunteers and not employees of IGENETIX. If you require assistance and need to give information regarding your person or account please contact IGENETIX through the Support Team.


Why can I not participate in some rooms that are listed? Rooms that are above a certain occupancy level will require joining participants to be registered and upgraded to be able to participate in the room. Please upgrade your account or choose another room.


Do my credits ever expire? No. Your credits never expire. They are valid as long as you have the account.


I want to cancel my account. What do I do? You may choose to delete your account by going to your Chat Account located at the upper left of the chat. Select the chat profile option and click the "delete account" button.


What features come with the upgraded status? As an upgraded member you will be able to view up to three webcams at the same time, use of color text and private messaging, create rooms not listed on the rooms list and host private rooms.


Is the chat network moderated? The network is monitored by selected volunteers. However, the design of this network relies on individuals and room hosts to self-moderate their chat experience given the various tools made available. If at any time you require assistance or view a violation of our Terms of Service please contact our Support Team requesting a review of the username involved. Volunteer moderators for the network will be marked by a special icon in chat signified by the presence of a cap.


Why am I not allowed to play video on my webcam? The chat network will not tolerate video being played on the webcam broadcast. The chat network is intended for live communications between people. People found violating this rule will have their account and access banned.



What do I do if someone says they are recording webcams? Please contact our Support Team indicating the username and provide a copy of any relevant text from chat. We will investigate the individual and take corrective action. Recording of other members is a violation of our Terms of Service and an infraction will be delt with accordingly. Please note that you can block a person from viewing your webcam by choosing the ignore feature in respect to that person.



How can I tell if someone is watching my webcam? A person looking at your webcam will have binoculars on their icon.


I can not get my mic or webcam to work. What do I do?At the top centre of the chat you will see Room Tools. Select this option and then select Settings. The resulting view will show you icons that represent the adjustments you may make for your flashplayer. Please select the cam icon and then from the dropdown selector select your webcam input. Also, select your mic icon and choose the appropriate mic input. Please ensure you select the first icon on the left and that you have allowed system access. Please note that the mic is turned off by default in the chat. After you select broadcast in your broadcast window please mouseover the top right of your broadcast window and click the mic to the on position.


How do I post my profile picture? When you are logged into the chat click Chat Account located at the upper left of the chat. Choose chat profile and follow the instructions displayed. You may only take a live picture of your webcam stream. No photo uploads are allowed.


Can I get back on the chat network if I am banned for violating Terms of Service? No. IGENETIX has incorporated advance features that will allow them to permanently remove you from their chat network.


What color are the person icons for the respective sexes? Females are blue and males are red in color.


** Please contact our Support Team if you have any further questions



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